Why choose our vacuum sealer?

It's obvious to find that most family use vacuum sealer to keep food safe and clean now.

For fresh meat, if we put it directly to the fridge, it’s very easy to spread the bacteria to other foods, and breed more bacteria and microorganisms, which will make the food itch and deteriorate. Of course this will affect our health and safety. After using the vacuum sealer, the air inside the package bag can be pumped away, remove the oxygen to avoid bacteria breeding, ensuring the safety and sanitation of the food.

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In addition, it can be used for various cooked food, preserved fruits and other foods that need to be kept fresh. The shelf life of vacuum-packaged food will also be greatly extended.

Because of its obvious role in preserving food, vacuum sealer sometimes have other special functions, such as a kind of paper, jewelry, antiques, and even precious medicinal materials that can be vacuum-preserved. It is a good help for the preservation of these items.


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Our vacuum sealer is your best choice for your healthier life.Here is the advantage of our sealer.


1. Fully Automatically Opening & Closing Cover

Just insert the bags, press the model, the cover will lock & release automatically

2. Seals "Dry" and "Moist" Food

Practical Moist/Dry food settings for optimal sealing. With its one-touch operation simply select whether you're sealing a dry or with moisture food.

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3. Smart and convenient operation:

LED indicator light easily guides you through the whole process.

4. 3D Great Suction Technology:

The Vacuum Sealer Built-In 120W Power, Which Strong Suction Degree is as High As -70kpa. Done Sealing and Vacuum Sealing in 5-15 Seconds.

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