Why choose our air fryer lid?

We can find that air fryer lid is very popular for many family, because we want to cook food more healthier without oil.

1. It can be completed in about 20 minutes. Of course, it needs to be adjusted appropriately according to the thickness of the ingredients. There must be a difference in the frying time of the entire chicken leg and chicken steak.


air fryer lid


2. Before cleaning the air fryer, you may wait for the fryer cool down. Pls remember don't  use metal kitchen utensils or cleaning tools to clean, so as not to damage the air fryer Non-stick coating.

4. It is very handy to make food for 1-2 people. You can fried as much as you eat. Unlike real fried food, because it uses such a big pot of oil, it has to be fried a lot, and it won't taste good if it is not eliminated immediately.


best air fryer lid


5. The air fryer uses the principle of high-speed air circulation to turn air into "oil" to quickly heat and crisp food to make delicious food similar to frying. Foods such as meat, seafood, and French fries that have been marinated can be delicious without adding oil. If the food itself does not contain oil, such as fresh vegetables, French fries and the like, adding a spoonful of oil can make the taste of traditional frying.


good air fryer lid


6. It is fast and saves trouble, except that the frying basket needs to be shaken in the first few minutes, and no one will need to look after it.

7. Air fryer occupies a small area and is easy to move.

air fryer lid

The advantages of air fryer lid


Turn your pressure cooker into air fryer without buying a whole new thing to have and store. Especially perfect for 6QT/8QT instant pot pressure cooker.

2. Instant Heat

No time? This powerful air fryer lid for instant pressure cooker uses fast 360° air circulation technology to circulate heat around the ingredients, ensuring fast and even cooking.

3.LED Panel & Time and Temp Setting

Design with 8 select-able preset air fry cooking modes in digital led touch panel.Just choose your preset with 1 easy tap on the display and you're ready to cook. You can also set cooking temp(115-420°F )/time(0-60 minutes).


4. Visualized Lid

Transparent tempered glass lid with orange glow enables you see through the lid to observe the cooking situation at any time as it cooks. Able to stop cooking at the precise moment needed without burning anything.

5.Super Safe & ETL Listed & BPA Free

The lid-off protection could make sure your full safety by cutting off electric automatically if you lift the handle, and once you place it back, the cooking process would continue.

6. Dishwasher Safe