What's the meaning of RGB fans?

RGB is the English abbreviation for red, green and blue. Each of several colors is encapsulated in a housing. One pole of the three LEDs is shared. Then the cathode of the three LEDs are independent. You can change the LED brightness by controlling the working current of each RGB lamp. The voltage of lamp beads is generally about 3.3V, is three-string connection method. That means three RGB LEDs are connected in series first, and a current limiting resistor is placed for each color, and parallel connection is used between groups. RGB can only achieve monochrome switching.


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What can GIM RGB case fans bring for you?

1.Synchronizable RGB lighting via motherboard Sync ready with all mobo houses including Gigabytes, Asus and MSI

RGB fans


2. Extreme Cooling Performance 33.5 CFM, GIM Fan optimized heat dissipation and hydraulic bearing to ensure ultra-quiet operation


RGB fans

3.Smart Music Modes With built-in high sensitive sound sensor, this fans can change different lighting modes with the rhythm of music, make you enjoy the feast of sight and hearing when you play intense computer games playing or listen to any music with strong rhythm.



4. New Blade Design Revised curve blade design to improve airflow and air pressure. A refreshed blade for improved lighting.